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Pat Kittelson - Author

Pat Kittelson lives in Denver, Colorado; she has a Master’s degree in Library Science with a specialty in the history of children’s picture books. Pat is a backyard beekeeper and enjoys working in her garden, knitting, making jam and of course reading picture books. She has lived in Western Samoa working as a Peace Corps Volunteer and in New Zealand working as a librarian and knitting sweaters.


Author Statement


I believe that life creates a series of good stories.  We share stories and we learn from them.  We tell stories when we have no other words to express compassion, sorrow, love, and happiness.  When I meet a person, I know that inside that person exist many, many, good stories -  some to share and some to hold.  I like to take stories of real people making a difference and re-tell them in a way that highlights scientific creativity.

IIllustration Brooke Connor 

Brooke Connor, Illustrator

Bixley Baines and the Beehive Fence

Brooke Connor was born an artist yet with only right-brained skills, she completed a Master's degree in Chemistry and spent 28 years exercising her left brain. Now that that's done, it's back to her right brain and she's never going back.

For years she drew in black and white, unable to find a medium to deliver color in a satisfactory manner. Then she gave magic markers another try. In the old days, they were heavy, opaque, and bled. Since then the industry has made huge strides in providing a full color palette, a choice of brush-like tips, chiseled, or fine point, and even the ability to refill the inks. 

Brooke makes colorful and unique illustrations, paintings, and fiber art pieces that are created from the shapes within the form and filled with exaggerated color and pattern.

Back in the 1970's Brooke met Pat Kittelson while working at Bryce Canyon National Park.  They collaborated on two children's books for the National Park Service Natural History Association. 

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Adrienne Oaks, Illustrator

Bixley Baines and the Little Sweaters

Adrienne Oaks was born and raised in the South Island of New Zealand.

Looking around, Adrienne rapidly came to the conclusion that her native home was a long way from anywhere so she’d better get used to flying.

With this in mind, she jetted off to complete high school in Tennessee, followed by a Botany and Zoology degree and work with the New Zealand Department of Conservation where little blue penguins nested under her house. 


Then she earned a Landscape Architecture Diploma, followed by a move to London with a brief stint at Art School while there.  Eventually she and her husband, Tim moved back to New Zealand where she met Pat Kittelson. 


Recent years have taken her to work in France, Australia and the United States.


Adrienne currently lives and creates books in New Zealand with her husband Tim and a rescue greyhound dog named Smudge.

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