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Bixley Books 


Bixley Baines and the Thirsty Chickens

In this story Bixley is contacted by Abuela from the mountains of Mexico when her chickens drink pond water after a big rainstorm.  Bixley and Abuela must figure out how to clean the pond water using prickly pear cactus pads - a solution Abuela learned long ago from her Tia.  Based on research by Dr. Norma Alcantar from the University of South Florida the story promotes a local solution that can be applied to global clean water concerns. 

Bixley Baines and the Little Sweaters

This is a story based on a true event that occurred in 2000 off the shore of Tasmania, Australia.  An oil tanker leaked and covered little blue penguins residing there.  Little sweaters were knit and used to keep the little penguins warm during their cleaning and recovery. With a fun story and the true science plus a knitting pattern, this is a book to inspire simple solutions to caring for the environment.


Bixley Baines and the Beehive Fence

This is a story based on Dr. Lucy King's scientific elephant and bee research with headquarters at Save the Elephants in Nairobi, Kenya. Bixley receives a message from his cousin, Lucie who has a problem with elephants trampling her garden.  Together they construct a fence made of beehives which repels the elephants, saves the garden and reduces the human-elephant conflicts. The book contains a summary of Dr. King's research and a knitting pattern for an easy Bixley sock.

Bixley Baines and the Recycled Crayons

This story takes Bixley into the world of recycling used and unwanted crayons.  Working with the Crayon People, Bixley learns about the chemistry of crayons, the number of crayons made each day that could end up in a landfill, and how to make new crayons out of old crayons.  With this new knowledge he creates new crayons for the local school so they can compete in a big coloring contest.  The book contains coloring pages and the chemistry of wax along with directions for recycling crayons at home.


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